Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Toronto the marvelous.

Seriously, I have had my heart a little bit stolen by Toronto.
Which does not, by the way, actually look anything like that.
But Toronto, to me, is like a multitude of different places, experiences and enclaves all rolled into one fragmented but somehow knitted together whole. In summary, I like it a lot.  

It feels like the kind of place I could live or stay for a long time and still be surprised by, the kind of place where you can do anything, see anything, take up any random new hobby, try any kind of cuisine. It is somewhere I've felt very at home and somewhere where I am constantly happy to walk around another corner and find myself in a different type of place entirely. I also love
the green that runs through parts of the city like rivers - last weekend I just had the best time cycling through all these wee parks and trails which all link up to one another.  

It probably helps that I have had an epically awesome tour guide in my gentleman but I also hope that I've shown him some parts of Toronto through the different eyes and filters of someone who didn't grow up here.

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  1. You most certainly have--I mean: Living on the Island? HELLO! Do you remember when I was like "Oh, no. That would be crap." and then I actually stepped outside my bubble, saw the homes on the Island, and completely fell in love?

    I love that you love my city, and I love that you inspire me to see more of it that I already have in the past 30 years.