Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Canadian Capital

My impressions of Ottawa, when we went to stay there for five or so days back in February, were universally FANTASTIC!!

I loved this place as a city of -
museums: we visited at least three - war, civilisation and the Dieffenbunker cold war museum/fallout shelter.
government: we had a tour around the Houses of Parliament and got to go into both the Commons and the Senate, saw an important vote in the Commons itself and strolled past countless admin and departmental government offices as well as foreign embassies in our few days.
history: toooo many pretty looking building and sites to even list, especially around the parliament. That whole area just resonates with a sense of political history, somehow.
winter fun: even though Ottawa didn't have much of a "real" freezing winter either, we enjoyed a romantic walk along the frozen canal, some pretty funky ice sculptures and gorgeous, snowy views .
awesome people: I felt so lucky to know the people we do when we travelled to Ottawa. We met my wonderful Canadian cousin for the first time ever (and discovered a few interests in common!), stayed with a lovely friend of my boyfriend's and had time to hang out with him and his family, met another of my boyfriend's long-time buds from university days AND had an afternoon with some of Nick's mom's people, who I had been wanting to meet for a super long time and who are utterly fabby. Yes, Ottawa is a city of friends!!

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