Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sooooo much water

So I am finally getting around to ACTUALLY writing about some of my travels in Canada itself.

I have passed an amazing five plus months here and find myself, especially as my visit draws to a close, thinking more and more about all the travels I have undertaken here and already getting excited about being able to tell everyone at home all about them.

So we have done a lot visits, both on an off the beaten track since we have been here but probably our most touristy destination was....Niagara Falls. My other half really resisted taking me there for a while, mainly due to its over-obviousness as a day trip location. But I was pretty determined to actually see this natural spectacle and I wasn't disappointed.

I actually kind of found the fall themselves difficult to take in because they are just one of those places that you have seen so many countless time in photographs all over the place. But it was a very cool site and we were lucky enough to be there also on a sunny day with some awesome rainbows floating around the place, made from all the droplets of water in the air. Very pretty indeed.

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