Friday, 24 February 2012

Multiple hometowns (2)

Before we headed out on the Canadian leg of this year's adventure, I took my other half to Edinburgh, the city we moved to when I was a tiny baby and where we stayed for the next nine years.

There is probably always something about the places we grew up that keeps them forever magical in our head, especially if we leave them and all that romance and magic behind, forever caught in memory.

As a result, the beauty and utter charm of this city has never faded for me in the way that it might have done if I'd carried on growing up there and started to see Edinburgh just as another place where I happened to be living.
As it is, I love this place and I would jump a hundred times over at the chance to live there again. We visited for an only slightly damp, even a little pleasantly snowy 10 days or so in the crossover between November and December last year. And what a wonderous holiday it was - full of exploring old, half-remembered streets and following my normally appauling sense of direction, of introducing my other half to the house I grew up in, the school I attended for the first five years of my life, and even fed him some of my favorite, stereotypical Scottish foods (haggis, iru bru bars etc.)

I can't say enough in support of Edinburgh as a travel destination at any time of year - in fact, if you want to be able to see a lot more of the city and the surrounding area (we went as far as the Highlands and Inverness) I would say don't 

And for sure - walk everywhere. Edinburgh is simply the best city for walking - get out there and see the big stuff and the small stuff, just make sure you do it on foot.

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