Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Candian candy update

So I've been trying a few more tasty, tasty Canadian chocolate bars in my continued culinary exploration since I got here....

Butterfingers (as shown above) - are, I'm not gonna lie, a little gross. They definitely only get a measley 3/10 as they're way too sweet and sickly, and there isn't an awful lot (aside from the vague peanuty taste) to recommend them.

 But, in better and more delicious news, these guys are FANTASTIC:

Lindt Lindor truffles - amazing at the best of times - are, apparently even better when filled with peanut butter. They get a resounding 9/10 - and they are utterly fabby.

So, um....can you spot a decidedly peanuty theme here?! Yes, all kinds of peanut butter candy are, for sure, my favourite sweet things to eat and so this post might be a bit samey but yes, more of the same:

So basically Reese's peanut butter cups, in a chocolate bar. A very, very good idea - somehow the choccie to filling ratio works much better than in the cups and I will certainly be getting this again. The only problem? It's dangerously massive (we had to split it between three!!) 7.5/10

And then there are these wee guys - peanut butter M&Ms. Again, very good idea and I pretty much loved these. They certainly get 8.5/10 and, since I only grabbed a few in a pick-and-mix selection of goodies, I'll definitely be going for them again.

Last but not least - Dark chocolate caramilk, coming in at a respectable 7/10, is much better than its milk chocolated brother. I wasn't at all sure I even wanted to try this after disliking the original version so much, but I'm glad I did.

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