Sunday, 8 January 2012

Robotic deliciousness

My brother is a pretty awesome young man these days. Also, terrifyingly tall - and I know he'll only be taller (both in absolute terms, and in than me terms) by the time I return to the U.K. come summer 2012.

But this past November, he turned 14. 


Our eleven year age gap means that I can remember not only the day my mum told me she was pregnant (I had given up asking Santa for a younger sibling already) and the day he was born, but things like giving my baby bro his first bath at the hospital, watching him crawl around on all fours and having him pee in my face whilst I was trying to change his nappy. 
But now I found myself back at my parents' house after a two year gap away and got to know, all over again, this young man who is now writing academic essays on "The Catcher in the Rye", who throws himself into everything he does like it's his job, and who is about to enter his second year of teenager-dom.

What to do in order to celebrate such an occasion? Well, obviously - combine my love of making food with my brother's/my boyfriend's/my own love for all things Doctor Who. 

First, and very much foremost, I should say that the inspiration and most of the actually nitty gritty of the cake construction came from here:

I edited a few bits and pieces as I was going:
*used pre-bought, different cakes for the main body, so that the cross-section of the thing would end up looking pretty super
*free-styled a bit on some of the chocolate bars/candy bits used for various parts of the Dalek, using whatever came to hand but looked the same as in the original picture (Reese's pieces instead of smarties etc.) 
*bought some pipable black icing to finish the whole thing off with and add the detail, rather than using the dark chocolate - mainly because of my own drizzling ineptitude

The result? The best cake I've made my brother since the bright green, dazzling dinosaur creation I put together for probably his fifth or sixth birthday.

 Having my very talented gentleman around to help me turn the whole thing into this rather spectacular video was an extra, very awesome bonus. Watch and enjoy it:


  1. I am MEGA impressed with the cake! Great video :) x*x

  2. a) you are amazing
    b) when you're back in blighty, let's try making THIS: