Saturday, 7 January 2012

Canada "dones" and "to dos"

Firstly, I should probably follow my previous post by saying that Canada has rapidly exploded in my mind over the last year and a half or so until it has become one of those countries where I pretty much want to do everything and travel everywhere. Coming directly from somewhere so (relatively) small to somewhere so (relatively) big probably doesn't help at all, mainly because I feel like the regional/geographic variation of this immense country means I could happily spend a good few months just trekking all about the place, trying to see absolutely as much as possible.

I realise, though, that limits on both time and money this trip are going to mean that some of the really mammoth Canada travels I want to undertake aren't going to be so possible. I'm filing away the Rockies, visiting Yukon, Haida Gwaii, making it to Nunavut, Vancouver island and a full East - West coast road trip for next time....or maybe the next few times.

But, for now, let's see what I have achieved, Canada-wise. And how far I still have to go before I head out this time (around the start of the summer months).

 Drunk: Tim Horton's coffee (in plentiful quantities), Moosehead beer, ice cider, maple whiskey

Visited: the Bruce Peninsula, downtown Toronto, Jack Astor's

Cut down: our own Christmas tree

Spotted: black squirrels, city-dwelling raccoon, coyote tracks, a lot of outdoor (ice) hockey and some hockey paraphernalia stores

Eaten: chicken pot-pie, tortiere, cherry blasters, a LOT of sweet potato fries

Worn: Sorel snowboots, Roots sweater, Lulu lemon trousers/pants

Trekked through:a whole bunch of pretty snow, maple trees, 

Seen: Cirque du soliel, the CN tower, the Danforth

Said: fries instead of chips, chips instead of crisps, pants instead of trousers, trunk instead of boot, washrooms instead of bathrooms/toilets

BUT we have only been here for all of three and a half weeks - I still feel like a bit of a Canada newbie, and my travelling adventure here is still young. The following are very much up there in the lost of what I want to get down to whilst here:

~ snowboard
~ eat poutine
~ visit Algonquin Park
~ snowshoe
~ see a hockey game
~ go up the CN tower
~ hike/walk around/camp out on the Bruce Peninsula
~ go to Vancouver
~ road trip out east to the Maritimes
~ get down to Niagra falls
~ see a moose
~ get to Montreal and Quebec city
~ visit the capital
~ go curling
~ make maple syrup
~ head to Casa Loma

So - more or less one month down, five to go. 

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