Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vancouver and Whistler....

.......only three or four months late!

We travelled, during the wild (or not so wild) winter of 2011-12 to Vancouver, a city I have long been hearing wondrous things about from both my partner and a whole variety of friends and acquaintances. 

I had been told time and again I would love this city - for its relaxed vibe and famed bohemian atmosphere and for its stunning backdrop of sea and mountains. And it did not disappoint. Even if we did have a highly unusual bout of snow for a couple of days, we still spent a great few days wandering around countless neighbourhoods, parks and museums.

But, I have to say that, for me, the highlight of the trip was very much the time we spent in Whistler - snow-shoeing, hiking through vistas which looked like they had been dusted with huge spoonfuls of icing sugar. We even had the chance to zip track across huge ravines and through enormous, evergreen trees. 

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  1. AH! Long Hair Inukshuk Heather! KA-WA-III!